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2000 caught drink or drug driving

The Guardia Civil stepped up their alcohol and drug checkpoints over the weekend.

The move came as Spain celebrated San Juan and the first holiday weekend of the summer, with local and regional police supporting the Guardia Civil.

The checks came as the DGT has revealed that over 2000 drivers were detained for drink or drug driving during a week long campaign earlier this month.

Drivers across the country were tested at random, with over 158,000 tests carried out.

Of those tested for drugs, 33% were found to be behind the wheel under the influence of drugs including cannabis, cocaine and amphetamines, whilst over a 1000 drivers were detected to be drink driving.

Nearly 250 drivers will face court charges of dangerous driving. One person detained was a truck driver, who was five times over the drink drive limit!

Remember – Think before you drink before you drive doesn’t mean make sure you have enough booze for the journey – even in Marbella…

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