“Our Man in Madrid” bids farewell

Outgoing British Ambassador Simon Manley steps down from his post today and has written the following message to UK nationals in Spain

"I leave my almost six years as HMA to Spain with a wealth of wonderful memories of this fantastic country. I understand why so many UK Nationals choose to live and visit here.

One of the tremendous privileges of this job has been to meet many of you, the British Nationals involved in your communities in so many different ways. Those of you volunteering with organisations like Cruz Roja, Age Concern and so many more; helping fight forest fires in Javea or looking after British cemeteries; those raising funds to help those in need; young people volunteering with organisations like Street Angels in Mallorca, helping to look after British visitors to the island or British councillors serving their local communities.

The footprint of British education relies on UK Nationals living and working here, as teachers and assistants in the many British schools and language academies. UK Nationals are also working in businesses across Spain – from bars and restaurants on the costas to the Big Five accountancy firms.

It has been an honour to represent Queen and country and to serve you, the UK nationals living here. If I have one final message as we leave the EU, it is to make sure you, your friends and family are properly registered as residents. And check on your neighbours – make sure they are registered too.

I wish you all continued health and happiness in your lives here in Spain"

We wish you all the best for the future!

Photo: HMA Simon Manley and Planet Marbella's Giles Brown at last year's Royal Wedding Garden Party at the Ambassador's Residence in Madrid.

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