Marbella’s Big Clean Up

It may be a celebration of purity and new beginnings, but the day after San Juan has become synonymous with the rubbish left by revellers

This year Marbella Town Hall reported that they removed 11 tons of rubbish from the beaches yesterday, left by the thousands that flocked to the events organised by the Town Hall. Although this is four tonnes less than  the previous year, it is still a depressing amount considering that marine pollution is now a high profile global issue.

As well as the traditional bonfires on the beach,  El Cable featured a live performance of  Los Calvin and DJ Pakkito 2000, while  La Salida in San Pedro Alcántara held the Holi Colors festival, with Miguel Campello, singer of 'El bicho' and local artists We are not dj's performing.

Top Tarta!

Marbella picked up another gastronomy award last month when Kava restaurant was declared the winner National Championship of Cheese Cakes. (No we didn’t know there was such as thing either. But we…

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Marbella councillor stresses need for English and computer programming skills

Cristóbal Garre, Councillor for the Department of Economic Development and SMEs and Employment for Marbella Town Hall stressed the the need for more learning opportunities as he opened the annual…

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Marbella water safe to drink, insists Junta

After the Junta de Andalucia's decision to ban swimming, boating and all recreational activites on the La Concepción reservoir - after the discovery of the Phormidium cyanobacterium - they have been…

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Breaking News. Junta bans swimming and boating on Istan Lake

The Junta de Andalucia today  prohibited all activities on the Istan lake The ban comes after the sudden deaths of at least six dogs in this month. The document explains that tests have found a…

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Obliterate San Pedro!

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that I have a problem with San Pedro Alcantara. Before you all rush to form a mob and force me away with burning torches shouting, “kill the…

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Kalmyka debut gig at La Catarina. The Devolution Revolution Begins!!!

Drop everything on Saturday night and get down to Marbella's best live music venue La Catarina for the debut gig of Kalmyka. The new project of Nader Hamid and Darina Bady, Kalmyka's first album,…

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That Friday Feeling – Spain gets happier!

As the Marbella news seems to be dominated by Brexit and poisoned dogs at the moment, I thought that we'd get that Friday feeling going with a good news story. According to the latest United Nations…

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I fought the law and the law won. Again.

It's a hard task being an ageing Wild Young Thing. It's bad enough that one of heroes that you used to rave to in the 90s passed away recently. 'Firestarter' was THE dance floor filler in my London…

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BREAKING NEWS. Access to Istan Lake closes

The Local Police of Istán, following instructions of the Delegate of Health, has sealed the access to the Istan Lake. The public access of Zahara de Istán and El Pinillo have been closed off to avoid…

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Another Poison Death on Istan Lake

The horror continues in Istan with the death of another beloved pet by poisoning, the SIXTH in a week. The latest dog to die was Laila, whose owner Lars Walkler is a well-known figure in the area and…

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