A Sustainable View

Ambitious development The View Marbella has been one of the first developments on the coast to be awarded a Class A energy efficiency rating.

The global warming crisis means that it is even more important to consider the future of the planet and adapt to the new direction of sustainability.


Conscious of this, Wilma Sierra Blanca, the German-Dutch developer based in Marbella, is making a breakthrough with its first project  in Spain. The View Marbella has has been designed within the parameters of sustainable construction from the outset. The result is a  development of luxury apartments with the highest energy rating within the certification scale: the blocks that make up the first part of the complex have an A rating, which certifies their low CO2 emission due to the use of renewable energy sources and fuels.

“We can and we should be able to promote efficient and environmentally responsible developments without forfeiting the quality and comfort of a luxury home”, explains Simon Boxus, Marketing Director of Wilma Sierra Blanca. “The View Marbella is a perfect example that quality, luxury and design do not have to compromise sustainability and protecting the environment”.

Architect Teodoro Cabrilla explains further. “The homes are arranged so that each of the rooms is oriented to take full advantage of the solar orientation, and the location of the homes within each block is also a direct result of this. The apartments have consequently adopted an open fan shape, favouring the use of natural light in every home in the development”.

The construction system Sismo Building Technology Spain was included in the design of The View Marbella. This system, together with the proposed solution for exterior carpentry, provides a perfect enclosure for the building.

The construction panels have a layer of interior and exterior insulation that allows for the ideal temperature to be maintained all year round, while reducing energy consumption by 35%. The use of renewable energy and renewable fixtures is another factor that contributed to the achievement of a class A energy certificate. The employment of solar panels and aerothermal energy both contributed to keeping the carbon footprint of the development to a minimum. Aerothermal energy consists of an integral system that supplies heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water, from a clean technology that extracts up to 77% of energy from the air.

For Wilma Sierra Blanca, building sustainably is a winning bet for the future and should be focused on as an investment that will minimise environmental impact and reduce costs in the long term. The View Marbella is a declaration of intent that responds to the demands of the public who are increasingly conscious of eco-construction.

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