Advice ahead of bullfight demo

The organisers of  Saturday’s demonstration against the return of bullfighting to Marbella have issued the following information ahead of tomorrow’s protest.

“The march will begin on Saturday January 12, at 5pm at the Marbella Bullring.

The route is as follows: Leaving the Bull Ring in Calle Serenata, heading to Avenue Severo Ochoa, then Avenue Ricardo Soriano, Also Camino Jose Cela, the promenade and ending at the commercial centre Plaza del Mar, where we will read out our objections to the project of reopening the bullring as somewhere for live animals to be tortured.

As it will be evening please wear warm clothes, although we are walking, it is at procession pace, so comfy shoes and suitable clothing are a must!

Please remember that this march is a PEACEFUL protest. Many of us will have whistles, things to bang and generally make noise. But it is NOT a place to bring bad attitudes or worse. We refuse to let these rallies be put into disrepute because of badly behaved people. Sorry, but we cannot emphasise the word “peaceful” enough!

Please, feel free to bring banners, to have fake blood, to record and to share images. But especially bring vibrant, positive attitudes.
Between us all we WILL make a difference. We WILL make clear that bullfighting belongs in the  dark times, with slavery and other outdated “traditions and customs”.

See you on Saturday!”

Bullfights back in Marbella?

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