Alameda Park Protest

Marbella residents staged a protest on Saturday at the Town Hall’s controversial remodelling project at the popular and historic Alameda Park.

The protesters were joined by Pepe Bernal(above) leader of the PSOE in Marbella and respected artchitect Rafael de la Fuente among others.

The work has required the felling of several trees (Photo Angel Mora)

The Town Hall claims that the work is needed and includes cleaning and restoring the walls, benches and street furniture, as well as the pruning and replanting of some of the lush vegetation. Councillor for Works and Parks and Gardens, Diego López, said that the work will run until Easter with the aim of “adding value to a historic corner of the town that dates back to the 18th century”.

Diego Lopez (centre) at the Park on Thursday

A total of 3,850 shrubs and fifty palm trees will be planted “to continue preserving this lush parkland in the town centre”, he added.

This has cut no ice with the protesters, however, and the work has already seen several trees cut down. “This stunning place in the Old Town, has been willfully neglected.” commented one protester “These “renovation plans” cannot be scrutinised because they have been divided into segments of under €40,000, that ensuring building and planting contracts don’t have to go out to tender”.

The latest “remodelling” comes after the Town Hall’s controversial work on Marbella’s historic “Orange Square” that also drew protests.Outrage at Plaza de los Naranjos remodelling


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