Some of the most Marbella’s most beautiful girls and hunky guys are highlighting the plight of abandoned animals in a sizzling new calendar

Last-Chance-July-Animal-Rescue-Giles-Brown-Marbella-Malaga-Spain-Jounalist Last-Chance-Mr-July-Animal-Rescue-Giles-Brown-Marbella-Malaga-Spain-Jounalist

The calendar is the idea of passionate animal lover and manager of The Boardwalk Restaurant Kara Robertson. Kara has been involved with rescue dogs for several years and the calendar will help raise both awareness and funds for Last Chance Animal Rescue.

“All of the dogs that feature in the calendar were saved from certain death in the pounds by Last Chance Animal Rescue” says Kara, “It’s really important that the charity keeps going and this calendar is one way of raising money. And it’ll be great to have hanging on your wall”

Local media personality Giles Brown is perhaps the most unlikely male model to appear but he (tastefully) strips off as Mr February. “I think it’s a great idea for a good cause” he says  “And I’ve never been asked to be a nude model before, so that’s another one off the bucket list!” 

You can find out more on Facebook at Last Chance Animal Calendar or by calling Kara on 672 575 644.