Alleged Russian crime boss bailed after Marbella arrests

The Malaga provincial court has released alleged Russian crime boss Arnold Spivakovsky (aka Tamm), on bail of €750,000.

Spivakovsky, who is known to Interpol as one of the leaders of the Solntsevskaya mafia, was arrested as part of Operation Oligarch that saw 11 other Russians taken into custody on suspicion of money laundering and ties to the Solntsevskaya and Izmaylovskaya mafias.

Marbella football club owner Alexander Grinberg and Aguas Sierra de Mijas drinking water bosses Oleg Kuznetsov and Sergey Dozhde were also arrested at the same time.

Spivakovsky, a permanent resident of Russia, was on holiday in Spain.

Earlier this month lawyer Carlos Dominguez appealed against the court ruling, calling the accusations against Spivakovsky groundless and describing its client as “a highly respected top manager repeatedly awarded by the Russian government.”



The Solntsevskaya mafia: Sergey Mikhaylov, Dzhemal Khachidzу; next to them are Arnold Tamm (Spivakovsky), Avera-Starshy, Karatay (Oleg Karataev, killed during a showdown in the US).

The CrimeRussia website reports that Spivakovsky (previous name Tamm) is a crime lord, one of the eight leaders of the Solntsevskaya mafia.

Since the mid-1990s, Spivakovsky has been a businessman and executive officer of several companies. He held posts of deputy director of Irbis Customs Terminal, adviser on public relations of the Secretary of the Union State of Russia and Belarus Pavel Borodin, deputy general director of Pekin Hotel, chairman of Kosmos OJSC GC board of directors, and head of the Intourist board of directors.

Spivakovsky has never been convicted, although repeatedly detained along with other Solntsevo authorities, including accusations of cocaine trafficking in the Moscow club Dolls, as well as the suspicion of his involvement in the murder of Director of Pekin Hotel Konstantin Georgiev (aka Kostya Ossetin).

Marbella FC owner Grinberg was also released on €750,000 bail this month, and has since protested his innocence. “I have never broken the law in my life, neither in Spain or Russia” he told the Spanish media.

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