Aloha Kidnap victim had links to drug lord

The Dutch citizen who was kidnaped in Marbella on Saturday night was an alleged associate of Moroccan drug lord Said Chaou, sources claim.

Moroccan outlet Hespress reported that the organised nature of the Marbella kidnapping was likely due to the victim’s ties to Moroccan drug lord and former MP Said Chaou (pictured)

Witnesses described a “professional” kidnapping when two cars blocked in the man’s Mercedes and eight armed men pointed guns at him

Said Chaou is a former politician and drug trafficker of Moroccan origin, currently living in the Netherlands.

For years, Moroccan officials have demanded Chaou’s extradition from the Netherlands. The Dutch Supreme Court determined in 2018 that Chaou would not be extradited following a 2017 arrest for “drug trafficking, corruption, and criminal conspiracy.”

Dutch courts claimed Said Chaou would not receive a fair trial in Morocco, saying associates of Chaou had been tortured into providing false testimonies against him. In Morocco, the former MP faces charges of criminal gang formation, corruption, and international drug trafficking. Moroccan authorities also suspect Chaou has provided financial and logistical support to protesters of the Hirak Rif protest movement.


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