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Ángeles Muñoz maintains Marbella majority in elections

Marbella Mayor Ángeles Muñoz put troubles of a difficult 12 months behind her as the Partido Popular (PP) enjoyed another absolute majority in the local elections.

The result means that this is the fourth term Muñoz will serve as mayor in the past 16 years. The PP maintained its 14 councilors, while right wing party Vox will have two seats in the Town Hall for the first time. with two councilors.

Ángeles Muñoz had 19,593 votes, 513 more than four years ago (19,080) and a figure that confirms an absoulte majority for another four years.

PSOE lost two seats, (12,504 votes) and now has eight councillors,

In third position was Opción Sampedreña (OSP), which retained its three councilors with 4,641 votes

And fourth and last political party with representation was Vox, which for the first time has two councilors and 4,041 votes (8.41%).


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