Ángeles Muñoz set for dramatic return as mayor

In a shock move that seems to have come straight out of an episode of Game of Thrones,  Ángeles Muñoz looks set to be re-instated as Marbella mayor.

The move comes after the defection of the OSP party to the side of the Partido Popular, breaking up the left wing coalition that had been governing Marbella under the PSOE’s José Bernal.

This morning a vote of no confidence was passed at the Town Hall, with a vote expected to take place within the next ten days to make Muñoz mayor.



In a press conference over the weekend, a shocked José Bernal commented that “Our hallmark has been hard work and honesty and will continue to be so”.

Having worked with the OSP for two years in government, Bernal said that he found it difficult to understand what triggered the dramatic switch of sides.

“I find it difficult to assimilate what is happening; I find it hard to understand that those with whom we have fought together to recover the legality of Marbella have handed this over to the PP in exchange for nothing”.





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