Another Poison Death on Istan Lake

The horror continues in Istan with the death of another beloved pet by poisoning, the SIXTH in a week.

The latest dog to die was Laila, whose owner Lars Walkler is a well-known figure in the area and who formerly ran an activity company based on the lake.

The latest poisoning took place at the same location as the others, close to the water near Zahara de Istan, one of the two public access points to the reservoir

“It’s really heartbreaking to write these words to tell you my friends that my beloved Laila became the 6th victim(!!!) this week from some evil person’s idea to spread tiny pieces of very strongly poisoned meat along the shores of Lagoland lake centre(my old former finca on the Istan Lake), as well as at the shores of the plots on both side of this property where she grew up, being there so many times, for a swim and watching the events I used to set up there.

“I hope that the Guardia Civil get hold of the responsible person – can’t wait to hear they have caught that creep and put him behind bars – for a long time !

“There were no signs of any meat lying around” Lars told Planet Marbella ” so it was really small flat price, like a leaf almost but slightly thicker.

“Because we knew about things that had happened we had made ”sure” the place was clean.  It must have been so tiny, but my 30kg dogdied in 15 minutes.

“Whoever is doing this is really evil”.

Please, do not take your pets or children to  the public access at Zahara until police catch this criminal!

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