Anti Bullfighting protest planned for January

The proposed plans by Marbella Town Hall to refurbish the town’s derelict bullring, which also includes the provision for bullfighting, has met with public fury.

As reported earlier this month Bullfights back in Marbella?  , the €1million plan included replacing the barriers and floor of the bullring so that it could once again be used for bullfighting, which was banned three years ago under the previous administration.

Anti bullfighting campaigners have opposed the plan and will be holding a protest rally on January 12 at the Bullring. In a statement on Social Media, the organisers stated

“After three years with no animal abuse, Marbella Town Hall wants to spend 1 million Euros reforming the Marbella Bullring in order to reinstate the torture and killing of animals for the enjoyment of a minority.
After animal advocates spent many years fighting for animal rights, and sparse public attendance at these cruel events, everything ended with the good news that no more animals were going to die so tragically in this same Bullring, and we want it to continue like this. We don’t want more death and suffering in Marbella. Modern day Marbella has to be a city free of animal abuse and for that same reason on  January 12 we will shout loudly that torture will not return. Abolish Bullfighting!

If Marbella Town Hall really believe that re-introducing bullfighting projects a modern image for a luxury tourist destination, January 12 is the date to let them know what you think!

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