Are you a Size HH?

Weight loss, poor body image, obesity and eating disorders are something a large proportion of young girls and women are struggling with every day.

Marbella-based author Eva George believes she has discovered a range of simple and practical ways for women to improve body confidence and become the healthiest possible version of themselves, without dieting or disrupting their lifestyles. She has put everything she has learned into a book, designed for busy women and mums like herself.

The result is Size HH. The title simply means to be size happy and healthy and it’s an easy to read, practical guide to making the most of your unique shape without dieting, or extreme exercise, plus how to make life-long healthier habit changes.

The book is primarily focused on health rather than weight-loss and focuses on the four key areas needed to become Size Happy & Healthy; the mind, lifestyle, nutrition and exercise. It’s written in a funny, accessible and honest style with even the busiest or least motivated people in mind and aims to encourage achievable, sustainable changes. To give readers the most up to date, factual information in the book, Eva consulted experts in sleep, mind training, psychology and nutrition, as well as getting inspirational stories from real women. The ebook and paperback are  supported by a website offering challenges, tips and regular information t

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