It's Showtime!

Singer Alex Forriols, who rose to fame in the hit show La Voz  in 2016, wowed the crowds at Posidonia Banus on Saturday at the launch of the Posidonia Palace Show.

His singing talent, stage presence and showmanship impressed, with numbers as diverse as Bohemian Rapsody, Roxanne and Gangnam Style.
Alex performed with four  professional dancers from Madrid and aerial performer Yana from Fly Pole Spain, to create an engaging, interactive show.

Highlights included a powerful, tango inspired aerial and dance routine to Roxanne from Moulin Rouge with incredible tricks on the pole, and a street dance routine from the dance troupe. DJ Duo E T H E R provided the soundtrack before and after the show, as well as supporting the strong song and dance performances and kept the party going late into the night.

“This is just the beginning of the packed calendar of great events at Posidonia Banus” commented Creative Director Silvia Korosi Feher. “We will have more great shows in 2019 and many exciting events such as dance classes, DJ nights, concerts and much more.”

Choreographed by Sibon de la Flor from Creative Dance Style, this two hour dinner show will be repeated on December 15 and 22. Tickets cost 79€ per person to include the welcome drink, a two-course menu and two hours of entertainment. Reservations can be made on Facebook, by calling 722 332 669 or emailing

Comedy Tonight! - Laughter at the Lounge

Top flight comedy will be coming to La Sala tonight with Laughter at the Lounge

It's the latest event from Bill Edwards, who noticed a gap in the market and started Costa Comedy Clubs in 2015. Since then Bill has flown top British stand up comedians over to Spain to perform at venues all along the coast,  as La Sala Puerto Banus and the Sunborn Yacht in Gibraltar as well as many others local venues.

The show itself runs for around two hours with three English speaking comedians performing. "We  try to make the experience as enjoyable as possible by providing as much value to the customers as we can," say Bill " as well as providing top quality stand up comedians. Somehave been performing for years and have done tv shows and large events such as the Edinburgh fringe festival. One acts as the compere for the night and to keep the audience and performer  in line and one either side of a short interval so you can do the important part and get to the bar!"

"For people to keep up with our show dates and locations they can find us on the Costa Comedy Clubs Facebook page and instagram. They’ll also find information on the comedians and links to their past work as well as the food and drinks menus for the shows. We’re also very responsive to enquires and always looking for new venues up and down the coast that would love to have a comedy night at their place. Our first show on the Sunborn is January 12."

For tickets call La Sala on ‭952 814 145‬ and book your tickets directly. Alternatively you can pay on the night whether it’s for the dinner show (€35) or the show only (€15). Doors open at 7pm.

As for The Sunborn, our first show is January the 12th. Again you can contact them directly and book.


Bullfights back in Marbella?

In a move that will anger animal rights campaigners, bullfighting looks set to return to the Plaza de Toros in Marbella.

Marbella Town Hall has announced that it will allocate just over one million euros for the refurbishment of the bullring, with the aim of "making it safe, practicable and operational for its intended use", according to the tender document.

Companies that want to attend to carry out the work have a deadline to submit their proposals by December 30.

The Town Hall's project clearly hints that the bullfighting, banned by the previous Town Hall administration in 2015, will return.

Spanish Press reports that the tender document includes resurfacing the floor of the bullring with the traditional powdered stone, as well as the replacement and repair of the boards around the bullring.

The Plaza de Toros was the scene of several anti-bullfight demonstrations in its final season, when protesters invaded the ring.  On one memorable incident matador Morante de la Puebla aimed a kung fu kick at a shirtless demonstrator.



British Ambassador's Open Letter on Brexit

An open letter from HMA Simon Manley to British nationals living in Spain

I wanted to update you on the recent developments on our exit from the EU. As many of you are no doubt aware, on Sunday 25th November, there was a special European Council on Brexit. EU leaders agreed the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration on the future relationship between the UK and EU.

Citizens’ rights is a key part of the agreement, so this represents a big step forward in providing certainty for UK nationals living in Spain. As the PM said following the European Council “If you are one of the over 3 million EU citizens who has come and built your life in the UK - come to be our colleagues, our neighbours and our friends - you need a deal that guarantees your rights. If you are one of the almost 1 million UK nationals living elsewhere in the EU, you need the same. This deal delivers for you all.”

The next stage is for the UK Parliament to vote on the deal the Government has negotiated, which is expected on the 11th of December. The European Parliament will also vote on the agreement.

If approved, the Withdrawal Agreement will secure the rights of 1 million UK nationals living in the EU. It means that the 300,000 British people who have chosen to make Spain their home have a legal guarantee that they will be allowed to stay here after the UK leaves the EU on 29 March 2019.

The Agreement also defines the Implementation Period as running from 30 March 2019 and until 31 December 2020. All UK nationals lawfully residing in Spain on 31 December 2020 will be covered by the Withdrawal Agreement. Under the current rules, UK nationals living in Spain must register with the Spanish authorities (at the Oficina de Extranjeros or at a designated local police station) to be legally resident here. Therefore, I and the team strongly recommend you ensure you are correctly registered as a resident, as is your current obligation. For detailed advice on registering, please see We will, of course, update our advice if the Spanish authorities announce any changes to the registration requirements linked to Brexit.

During the Implementation Period, you will be able to visit, live and work in the EU broadly as you do now. If you want to move to a different Member State, you will be able to do so during the Implementation Period.

UK nationals and their families covered by the Agreement will continue to have broadly the same access to healthcare, pensions and other benefits as they currently do. And you will be able to leave Spain for up to five years without losing your right to return if you have acquired the relevant residency status. If you have any questions about who is covered by the Withdrawal Agreement, please see the UK nationals living in the EU pages on

Next steps

§ Make sure you are correctly registered with Extranjeria here in Spain (please see

§ Sign up for email alerts to stay up to date and find out about our outreach events, by visiting the Living in Spain guide on

§ Follow our “Brits in Spain” social media channels, including on facebook.

Both the Embassy and our network of consulates will continue with outreach events across Spain to answer your questions about your rights and Brexit, with three events planned before Christmas and more planned for the new year. And we will continue to update you with key information in the months ahead.

In the meantime, I would like to wish all British nationals living in Spain, a very merry Christmas.

Monday Motivation - Ditch Dieting for Good!

In the first in a regular series of columns, Ali Silver examines our complex relationship with food.

Do you need to change your body? Or do you need to change your relationship with your body and with food?

If you are a woman, and it is also becoming more common in men these days, then it is more than likely you have been on a diet of sorts. 
Formerly they were sold to you, in the form of Atkins, Weight Watchers, the Cambridge diet and so on. This then turned gradually towards the concept of ‘clean’ eating and then entered Paleo, keto, vegan, low-carb and calorie and macro counting. However, a diet does not necessarily mean one of the above; many of us say we just ‘eat healthy’ and that ‘it’s all about balance’.

A diet is a way of eating that you are emotionally attached to.

It consists of rules; rules you may not even be aware of and restrictions; on when, how and what you are allowed to eat. The emotional aspect comes in when you label foods as good or bad, or have guilt and shame associated with eating so called ‘bad foods’.

Let me tell you something: 98% of diets do not work.

That means that 98% of the time when you control what you eat and how much you eat, it will not be a) sustainable or b) effective.
Even notions such as ‘food is fuel’, or ‘I should eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full’ are unhelpful thoughts and food rules. You should eat when and what you want to eat.

Unlike many people on the internet, I’m not saying this solely to people in smaller bodies. This should be the message for ALL bodies, regardless of size, race, gender.
Food is not fuel. Food is pleasure, it is social, it is cultural: it IS an emotional thing. What it is, is another aspect of your life. Not the be all and end all.
Only eating when hungry and stopping when full? What about at a party when you’ve had dinner but want that beautiful dessert?

Did you know that dieting causes a disconnection with your hunger and satiety? That means you may not know when you are hungry or full. Relying on a diet or set of rules to tell you how much and what to eat means that you lose touch with what your body and your mind really want and need. Then the inevitable moment when the cravings are too much and you have that ‘forbidden’ food, it leads to the rollercoaster binge-diet-binge diet cycle, which ends up leaving YOU feeling like the failure. You are not falling at the diet. The diet is failing you because you were never meant to be on a diet.

You may feel like you have overeaten, and think it will put a stone on overnight. That guilt may drive you to compensatory behaviours like restricting your food the next day, or over-exercising. Or it may lead you to binge until the point of discomfort.

There is room for all foods in your life, and that you do deserve to eat them, regardless off if you have trained or what size you are.
There is no perfect way of eating. There is no perfect body.
If you are reading this you may still be thinking “yes but then HOW do I lose weight??”
I hear you. Disregarding weight loss goes against everything that society and culture tell us. But I want you to consider for a monet, how much time and energy do you dedicate to food, exercise and the pursuit of weight loss? Imagine a world where that wasn’t the case.

Impossible? Nope. Myself, my clients and a whole world of people have done just that. Maybe this post will incentivise you to think “You know what I want more than weight loss? I want to feel normal around food. I want to choose freedom”

If you want change, then you have it available to you. It is a process, ditching food and body rules is not easy. But then, is what you’re doing now easy? Or is it painful, relentless and all-consuming?

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with dieting, so please keep reaching out.


For more information or to book a session with Ali, check out


Instagram @alicsilver


For Sale: One Careful Owner!

As regular readers of this blog will know, there has been a marked increase of shootings, stabbing and general "settling of scores" between drug gangs on the Costa del Sol this year.

The latest happened last month with the killing of a 58-year-old French national, with a history of drugs and arms convictions, as he got out of his car in the garage of his luxury villa and was mown down with an AK47.

So if you are a drug lord but are feeling a little edgy about popping down to the shops, or perhaps Campo de Gibraltar, then this classified advert in the Motors section of the Sur in English might be just what you are looking for!

Thanks to Natalie Fantuzzi for bringing this one to my attention!

Marbella lights up tonight for Christmas!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Marbella gets into the Festive spirit tonight with the official turning on of the Christmas lights. As well as the lighting up ceremony, there are also parades, musical numbers, concerts and children's entertaiment planned for tonight.

Marbella and San Pedro - the later with its giant Christmas Bauble that in bears an uncanny resemblence to the Death Star - as well as Las Chapas and Nueva Andalucia, all have activities tonight, Friday November 30.

San Pedro Alcántara:
17.00 Avenida Marqués del Duero: Christmas Parade
17.30 Calle Córdoba, 1: Santa's Grotto opend
18.00 Avenida Marqués del Duero (junto a avenida Las Palmeras): Musical show and children's entertainment
19.00 Avenida Marqués del Duero: Official turning on of the Christmas lights and a "musical spectacular to the rhythm of the Christmas lights"
20.00 Avenida Marqués del Duero: José Manuel Soto in concert

16.30  Avenida Nabeul: Children's Christmas Party
18.30  Avenida Nabeul: Christmas Parade
19.00 Paseo de la Alameda: children's entertainment and performance by singer Alejandra Gómez Ginger.
20.00 Paseo de la Alameda: Official turning on of the Christmas lights and a "musical spectacular to the rhythm of the Christmas lights", followed by a performance by Raya Real.

Nueva Andalucía:
17.30 horas, Tenencia de Alcaldía de Nueva Andalucía: Children's Party and official turning on of the Christmas lights

Las Chapas:
19.30  Tenencia de Alcaldía de Las Chapas: Official turning on of the Christmas lights

Top Dog! Freya to the rescue!

It was a case of canine cavalry to the rescue in Marbella last night.

A canine unit of the  Protection Civil joined National Police in the search for an 80-year-old man who went missing in Las Chapas yesterday lunchtime

The man was found around 11.30pm by Freya, one of the canine unit's dogs. He had suffered a fall just 500 metres from his home and was unable to move. Paramedics were able to attend to his injuries at the scene and he was later allowed to recuperate at home.




Music legends rock at Kempinski Art Series 2018

Musical legends and artists Brian Travers from UB40 and John Illsley from Dire Straits flew in last Thursday to unveil a new art exhibition  at the Kempinski Hotel Bahía.


Officially opened by Mayor of Estepona José María García Urbano, (pictured with Brian, John and Kempinski Executive Assistant Manager Julia Castillo) this was the last event of the hotel’s Art Series 2018.

Over 100 invited art lovers and collectors were treated  hearing stories about music and art from these two legends during a live interview, followed by the launch event in the Kempinski Hotel Bahia´s art gallery.

As part of the exhibition of 20 eclectic pieces, the artist proofs of their album covers of For the Many and Beautiful You are being exhibited for the first time. This exhibition runs until January 10, 2019 and art lovers are welcome to pop in to the hotel at any time to enjoy the works. Guided tours of the exhibition can also be organised on request by contacting the hotel and booking an appointment.

This exhibition has been brought to the Costa del Sol by Art Curator Adam Sargent and Paul Moynan CEO of Dragon and Founder of Dragon Art, a pioneering platform which is connecting artists with buyers to allow them to reach new audiences, as well as offering a modern day, secure method of purchasing art.

To find out more about the exhibition and how to get to the Kempinski Hotel Bahía visit: To find out more about the art and purchasing the pieces visit

Last night's killing - another settling of scores?

In an all too familiar scenario, police are working on the theory that last night's fatal shooting in Nagüeles was another settling of scores.

The victim was gunned down in the garage of his luxury villa on Calle Pizarra at around 8.20 pm yesterday. The assassin lay in wait for him, shooting him as he got out from parking his car in the garage. The killer then fled on a motorbike.

Police were called to the house to find the victim, an unnamed 58-year-old French national, lying in a large pool of blood having been shot several times. They were unable to save him.

If this latest incident is another drug related crime, it is another worrying development for the Costa del Sol. The period from January to September has seen 15 killings, almost double last year's figure of eight.