Search for missing Marbella man continues

The search is still on for missing Marbella man Ruben Cobo Chinchilla.

The 38-year-old has not been seen since Tuesday. Ruben is 1.80 m, with an athletic build, green eyes, tattoos and close croped hair.

He was last seen on his black scooter , registration 7474 KCM

Anyone with information should contact 112, mobiles 642650775 or 649952957 or email

BREAKING NEWS - Shooting in Marbella

Violence returned to the streets of Marbella this afternoon when a man was gunned down in broad daylight.

The attack happened on the Calle Arturo Rubinsteon outside the luxurious Gran Marbella beachfront apartment block (pictured) with the victim reportedly shot by a gunman on a motorcycle.

At the moment police have issued no further details, but the manner of the attack suggests a gang related slaying.

BREAKING NEWS - Spain announces NO coronavirus fatalities in past 24 hours

It's the news that we have been waiting for.

Spain's Health Ministry announced on Monday that it had not registered any deaths from COVID-19 in the previous 24 hours.

The Ministry also recorded 35 deaths in the past seven days. There has been a further decrease in the number of new cases with 71, down from 96 on Sunday and the lowest number since March 6.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, 27,127 people have died in Spain and 239,638 have contracted the virus.

Fernando Simon, director of the co-ordination centre for alerts and health emergencies, is due to take a Press briefing with more details later today

Sunday Morning Mutterings - A Banús Blast from the Past

You can easily dismiss ‘The Port’ as full of the wannabies, the It girls, and the has-beens as well as the brash, blinged, blasted and frequently botoxed, but it has been an integral part of my life for decades.

Although the anniversary was lost in the lockdown, Puerto Banús celebrated its fiftieth birthday in May.

I started to visit Puerto Banús on family holidays and, when we moved to Nueva Andalucía in 1985 the Jet-Set marina became my regular haunt. Being a 17-year-old cashless student at the time meant that I was hardly rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous at Menchu’s, so we used to buy beers at the small supermarket and hang out on two benches behind the Hollywood Bar that we christened ‘The Slabs’. Imagine a prototype botellon, with 80s fashions and 125cc motorcycles  - I drove a Mobylette that I painted reggae colours - and you will get the general idea.

Puerto Banús was a completely different in the 80s. Before the advent of mobile phones, meeting up with friends was a hit and miss affair, but as The Port was less developed, you knew the places your crowd would be. Salduba, Sinatra, Zelius, Mel’s, the Russian Bar or the legendary Joe’s Bar - where grabbing a space on a sofa was like finding gold dust -  and Comedia. Late nights turned into early mornings at Webster’s bar with its legendary lock ins.

With no Social Media, any passing celebrity was more likely to be friendly too – apart from Sean Connery who famously told us where to go in the old cinema in Puerto Banús, after we all hummed the James Bond theme tune as he walked in. I spent an (admittedly hazy) evening with actor John Hurt in Sinatra’s, had an even more hazy night with Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan when we celebrated the end of filming of their movie “The Business”, frequently spotted Rod Stewart enjoying a hassle free dinner at a front line restaurant, and was famously with my friend who was dating Ronnie Corbett’s daughter. She had broken her curfew and was dancing with us in Joe’s Bar when the curtain by the front door flew open and a very, VERY angry five foot nothing comedian burst in and grabbed his daughter. When we foolishly tried to interject, we were greeted with a stream of invective that owed more to Quentin Tarantino than ’The Two Ronnies’.

The Puerto Banús of my ‘terrible teens’ may be long gone, and most of the characters too, but every time I find myself walking past the old Hollywood Bar – now a restaurant – I always duck down the narrow walkway to the place where ‘The Slabs’ once stood, pause, and allow myself a little smile.


Dovak Back

The coronavirus pandemic brought the entire tennis tour to a standstill in early March. Just like millions of other people around the world, the coronavirus shutdown forced the tennis players to stay confined to their homes for the last 2 months. World No.1 Novak Djokovic enjoyed his quarantine with his family at his home in Marbella, Spain.

While Djokovic has returned to his hometown of Belgrade, in Serbia, his fans will be eager to know where the Serbian stayed during the global health crisis. Novak’s house in Marbella is one of his several properties around the world. However, it is one of the most secretive ones. Naturally, his fans might be interested to know how his house looks like.

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic house in Marbella, Spain

Djokovic owns one of the most prestigious residential properties of Marbella with a stunning sea view. The luxurious villa is built with beautiful marble and is designed in a partly Moroccan style.

Novak Djokovic house

His house has 9 bedrooms with a private tennis court where Djokovic trained every day during the lockdown. Moreover, the property also includes a large swimming pool, cinema room, billiard, table tennis, table football, a gym, sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, bar, and a barbecue area. It is certainly the perfect place to spend the quarantine.

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Since turning pro in 2003, Djokovic has won more than $143 million in tournament prize money. He is also the highest-earning tennis player of all time in terms of on-cour

Novak aces quarentine in Marbella

Tennis World Number One Novak Djokovic hasspent the past two months locked down due to the coronavirus pandemic with his family in Marbella.

Admittedly, it's not a bad pad to be locked down in. The luxurious nine bedroom villa is built with beautiful marble and is designed in a partly Moroccan style. There's a private tennis court where Djokovic trained every day during the lockdown, as well as a large swimming pool, cinema room, billiard, table tennis, table football, a gym, sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, bar, and a barbecue area.

Recently Djokovic returned to the practice courts at the Club de Tenis Puente Romano, where he was thanked by Marbella mayor Angeles Munoz via Twitter ‘for the fidelity he has to our city, to which comes to rest and visit his brother Marko, to the point that he decided to spend the confinement with his family here’.

“The fact that the current No 1 of the ATP opts for Marbella reflects that we are a destination of excellence, not only to enjoy our very complete offer,(sic) but for elite sports practice,” she said.

Djokovic started the season with a perfect record, winning all 18 matches he played and claiming three titles in a row before the pro tours were suspended from March 12.

Since turning pro in 2003, Djokovic has won more than $143 million in tournament prize money. He is also the highest-earning tennis player of all time in terms of on-court earnings.

Marbella goes to Phase 2 this Monday.

It's back to the beach!

Spain's government yesterday announced that Malaga Province would be moving to Phase 2 on Monday June 1 as part of the deescalisation programme.

Among the main points are that people under 70 will be able to go out to walk at any time, bars and restaurants are allowed to open their interior spaces, groups of up to 15 people can meet and that theatres, cinemas and galleries will also be able to open.

Swimming pools and the beaches are also open in Phase 2 and you will be able to relax on the sand as long as you observe social distancing.

And, if you're feeling romantic, weddings will also be allowed!

Marbella mourns COVID 19 victims

Marbella Town Hall marked a midday minute of silence yesterday to remember the victims of COVID-19.

The minute's silence came at the beginning of ten days of official mourning throughout Spain. Marbella mayor Ángeles Muñoz and other members of the Town Hall observed the silence outside the Town Hall building.

Total infections in Marbella yesterday passed the 400 mark with six new cases taking the number to 402. There have, however, been no fatalities in town for three weeks. Marbella has recorded 15 deaths since the pandemic began.

Angeles Munoz in Marbella this week

Coronavirus - Mayor's anger as Marbella faces another week of Phase 1

Malaga and Granada provinces will not be allowed to move to Phase 2 with the rest of Andalucia this Monday.

The decision by central government in Madrid angered Marbella's mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, who took to Social Media to complain. "The government's decision is arbitrary and incomprehensible" she wrote "...does not obey epidemiological criteria and represents enormous damage to the tourist sector, which they are continuously mistreating with declarations and actions that do not show the slightest respect for an essential industry for the Costa del Sol, Andalucia and Spain".

The mayor's remarks came at the end of a week when she had been out in Marbella's Old Town promoting the gradual return to normality among small business.

Hundreds protest Marbella lockdown

Marbella followed the example of the well heeled Salamanca district of Madrid yesterday when hundreds gathered to protest against the continuing State of Alarm and Prime Minister Sanchez's policies
Facebook: Immaculada Brujita

The protesters, many draped in Spanish flags and banging pots and pans, made their way along the paseo and the Avenida del Mar to the Alameda Park.

Protesters in the Alameda Park. Photo Facebook: Ana Molero

Although not officially supported by Marbella's Partido Popular, the protesters unrolled a giant Spanish flag with the town's name written across it. The last time that particular flag was seen was at the Davis Cup, when it was used by the Town Hall to promote the city.

The actions of the protesters, many without masks or respecting social distancing, drew swift critisism on Social Media, with comments that this would damage Marbella's image. Marbella today celebrated 14 days without coronavirus fatalities and Malaga Province has requested to move to Phase 2.