Happy Coffee Day!

It's fair to say that we are coffee fanatics here at Planet Marbella.

A combination of early mornings, tight deadlines and being ordered to stay away from any other mood altering substances means that the humble bean is one of the few kicks that we are allowed. On some mornings the need for caffeine can be so great that we've been known to chop out two lines of instant and snort them.

To celebrate the first International Coffee Day, we've picked out a few of our favourite places to get our coffee fix. Let us know yours...


A Puerto Banus institution, Sinatra Bar is the perfect place for people watching in the Port. It's rumoured that if you sit there long enough you'll probably see yourself go by at some point. Sinatra's isn't cheap, but it more than makes up for it for the views of supercars, superyachts and the odd supermodel.


Just opposite the Marbella Club Hotel, D'Maria is one of Planet Marbella's favourite ventas. As well as doing a killer Menu del Dia, D'Maria is a great place to grab a heart-starting café solo and watch the news and sport on the big screens, as well as check out photos of the owner with various Spanish celebs. I'm normally nursing a coffee on the terrace.

La Sala

If you fancy a bit of celeb spotting then the terrace at La Sala is a must. If the TOWIE or Life on Marbs crew are around then there is a pretty good chance that you'll see them here, as well as any passing Premiership footballer. It's also a good spot for petrolheads, as the poseurs heading into Banus love to gun their engines as they pass by...

Kilometre 0

Another great spot for people watching is newly opened Kilometre 0. With a healthy range of breakfast options and superb juices, the outside tables are perfect to see most of San Pedro enjoying their stroll from the new Boulevard down to the Paseo Maritimo and back again. Plus you'll be sorely tempted by the menu.


With a name like Cappuccino, we had to include this upmarket café. Situated on Marbella's Paseo Maritimo in the luxurious grounds of the landmark Grand Melia Don Pepe Hotel, Cappuccino is a great spot to chill out and watch the sunset over the Mediterranean, while the live DJ plays a few cool tunes. And when the Global Gift Gala crew rolls into town, you may well spot Eva Longoria and her entourage enjoying a con leche...

See you in the centre!

The centre of Marbella's old town will be more vibrant than usual this Saturday, October 3 , when a new edition of the ' See you in the centre' initiative takes place.

With the aim of boosting commercial activity in the historic centre of Marbella, the Town Hall has arranged several areas and places to enjoy live music, jugglers, clowns , living statues and other activities. 

The programme will start at 12.00 and runs until 20.00

Legends come to Marbella

Some of the top tribute acts in Europe willl be appearing in the Legends Festival on Marbella in October.

 The Teatro Goya Cinema in Puerto Banus will be the venue for a the tribute acts, that include Elton John, Neil Diamond, Elvis Presley and Joe Cocker.

 The Legends Festival opens with a gala night this Friday October 2, with proceeds going to the Association Despertar sin Violencia. The evening starts with a welcome cocktail at 8.30pm, followed by tribute acts to Elton John, Neil Diamond, Elvis Presley and Joe Cocker at 10pm. Tickets for the gala are priced at €18.

 The Legends Festival will then take place every Saturday during October. The acts are

 October 10. Freddie Mercury, Robbie Williams, Michael Jackson

 October 17. The Rat Pack

 October 24. ABBA

 October 31. Luciano Pavarotti and the Phantom of the Opera.


For more information call 609 488 572 or vist Cines Teatro Goya website

Half Marathon Men (and women)

Running fanatics will be pounding the streets thus Sunday at the XXX edition of the Half Marathon 'Ciudad de Marbella ".

The race will start on Sunday at 10.00, leaving from Calle Jacinto Benavente.

Marbella Town Hall delegate Antonio Garcia commented that"once again the race has been filled with entries.  There will be 2,500 participants, and the organisers had to reject a further 600,  which gives an idea of the progress and the interest generated by this race, "which is the fastest growing in Andalucia.

Tenenage Kicks!

There are certain things that summertime always brings down here in Marbella. The superb weather, of course, plus an influx of TOWIE wannabes and the inevitable traffic chaos as the roads in August descend into a kind of maniacal motor version of Tetrus; especially on the roundabouts outside Puerto Banus where drivers try and slot their cars through the smallest gaps in traffic possible.

I know that we should all be grateful for the annual influx of tourists that helps the local economy but it doesn’t half test the patience at this time of year. I have to employ a variety of anti-stress techniques to make it to the end of summer. These include deep breathing exercises, meditation, positive thinking, a large G&T before 11, that kind of thing.

Summer is also high season for having guests pop by for a visit. It’s always great having visitors at the Casita and if they can handle the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom style track down to my place, plus the, ahem, ‘idiosyncrasies’ of a single male in his late forties, then they are more than welcome. Though an American friend took one look at the organised chaos that is my living space before turning to her children and saying “You see kids? This is what happens when a man lives alone…”

I don’t subscribe to Oscar Wilde’s quote that ‘fish and houseguests go off after three days’ and am more than happy to welcome visitors, although I have had to employ water canon on a few occasions to disperse those who have overstayed their welcome.

I even discovered one hardy soul squatting in the ruin adjoining the Casita after I (with the considerable help of the Yummy Mummy’s imposing West Country brother) had “strongly requested” he leave. Mind you, he had been a war cameraman in Afghanistan so I suspect he was happy enough staying there.

This summer, however, a good friend of mine has been staying with her teenage son, who I remember carrying down the King’s Road when he was only a few months old. There is no chance of me carrying him anywhere now, however, as he is pretty much the same size as me, and still growing.

Not being used to having teenagers at the Casita, it’s been a bit of a culture shock, especially for him when he found out that I have no WiFi, which ranks beneath somewhere to stay and running water with your average teen. This has meant that the majority of his stay has been spent eating, sleeping, eating, slumping on my sofa, eating and watching DVDs on his laptop. And did I mention the eating?

His one night out with a schoolmate was a high point. Dropping him for a few days with his friend in Sotogrande, I was a little surprised to get an emergency call 36 hours later. He had run out of money and could I please come and pick him up. I found him pale and tired at the entrance to the Polo having already had a long-distance bollocking from his father.

On the way back, he revealed that rather than the few furtive beers in Sotogrande Port that we imagined, he and his friend had been invited clubbing by a neighbour, where they had ended up in the VIP area of one of the most expensive clubs in Marbella, where the minimum spend is €1,000 per table, until 7am.

Responsible adult that I am, I didn’t know whether to warn him of the unsavoury characters that you meet in Banus at that time in the morning, or congratulate him on his style and ask if I could come with him next time!

Porn Protester shunned by Marbella groups

PETA member Amina, who leapt into the Marbella bullring on Sunday in protest, has been revealed as adult film actress Amina Axelsson.

Her actions were carried out without the knowledge or consent of Marbella-based animal rights groups. Virginia Ruiz, who made headlines around the world when she cradled a dying bull in Malaga, said that Axelsson "Doesn't represent us".

Another Marbella animal activist claimed that Axelsson was only trying to get more hits on her website.

Others, however, argued that Amina had brought more publicity to the anti-bullfighting cause.

We at Planet Marbella are eagerly waiting to see what kind of protest she is planning against the Mijas Donkey Taxis...

Protester disrupts Marbella bullfight

The increasing unpopularity of bullfighting in Marbella was highlighted yet again on Sunday.

PETA member Amina, who lives in Spain but hails from Sweden, couldn’t just stand by and watch the bloody spectacle unfolding before her at Sunday's bullfight.

She sprinted into the bullring to try and offer her sympathy to the animal who lay, frightened and bleeding, on the ground. She also carried a sign saying, “Stop Bullfighting”, to make sure her message was not lost on the spectators – although the bullring was virtually empty.

She said of her exploit "No animal should have to face an agonising, needless death for the amusement of a crowd. I’m joining with PETA to urge caring people everywhere to end these bloody, internationally condemned events by never patronising bullfights".

There have already been several protests in both Marbella and Malaga this summer.

Tasty Tapas Tournament!

Feeling peckish? This Saturday, September 26, Ambrosía´s Gourmet Market will host an all day, unique event which gives guests the opportunity to decide which tapa is the star of the market.

There will be two groups that choose the winner of the contest. An expert judging group, chosen via social media, of 20 people picked from random on social media. If you are interested in being a judge sign up on Ambrosía´s Facebook page. Those lucky ones choosen will enjoy the tapas tasting for free!

The other group will comprise of members of the public, who will also be able to taste and vote for the best tapa after paying a very small fee. Both groups will receive a card on arrival to cast their votes.

These votes will be placed in a ballot box and counted and the final verdict will be revealed across social networks at the end of the weekend.

As well as this, one lucky judge will wine a bottle of wine and box of chocolates when a card is randomly picked at the end of the day.


Healthy Heaven in San Pedro

The road leading down from the Boulevard San Pedro to the paseo is quickly becoming a foodie favourite, with several restaurants due to open or have already opened in the past few weeks. The new restaurant Km 0 is the latest addition to the San Pedro foodie scene.

Run by the vivacious Amanda Gedeon, who has enjoyed success with the Belaria II 2 next to the H10 Andalucia Plaza Hotel, Km 0 aims to bring fresh locally sourced produced to diners. “The restaurant is called KM 0 because almost everything that we cook comes from Malaga province – apart from the meat that comes from Galicia” explains Amanda. “And there are some surprising specialties – our mozzarella is made in Malaga for example.

It's a simple concept using local ingredients indigenous to Malaga, including organic vegetables and fruit from farmers markets, fish brought in daily from Marbella port, eggs and breads from Coin, oil from Malaga, wines from Ronda and craft beers from La Campana. Nintey per cent of km 0's menu is gluten free.

The interior of Km 0 is light and airy, with lots of striped back wood effects and comfortable chairs. Offering breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner there is also outside seating, perfect for indulging in a little spot of people watching. As you would expect there is free wifi and the restaurant is not only child friendly, but there is even dog parking as well!

The daily specials board included Grilled Fresh Salmon, Raw Veggie Pizza and Veggie Wrap with a red pepper sauce, while the menu includes Grilled Entrecote with Chimichurri Sauce and Free Range Chicken Breast Filled with plums, dates and almond. Fish dishes include slow cooked cod loin with fresh rosemary and grilled or papillote sea bass supreme with garlic and parsley.

We started with the vegan sushi that looked brilliant (the rice is grated cauliflower) and tasted even better.  Cauliflower and pined nut Maki tamari. Next up was “Km 0” Serranito on crispy Ciabatta. Marinated chicken Carpaccio, Serrano Ham, tomato and red pepper jam followed by the Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, strawberry and anchovy salad with salmorejo dressing

We then had the Quinoa and vegetable salad with sun dried tomatoes, fresh orange, black olives, Kombi powder and a date and mustard dressing, full of protein that Amanda informed us was referred to by the Aztecs and Incas as “Warrior Food!”. All were excellent.

For dessert we shared a totally brilliant Roast Banana and dulce de leche cheesecake with chocolate crunch (I thought it wise to steer clear of the Red Wine and Rum soup with blood orange sorbet and fresh fruit. It looked pretty potent!).

If you thought that raw and vegan dishes were boring, check out Km 0 where the food is anything but. But just be careful of the red wine and port soup...


Km 0 Restaurante, Avda del Mediteraneo, Edif Los Arqueros, L8,  San Pedro Alcantara

 Tel. 951 48 05 49


Open Tues – Saturday from 9am- 11pm Sunday 10am – 4pm

Photo. www.photographermarbella.com

Neon Night Marbella officially launches

The official presentation of the second edition of Neon Night Marbella was held earlier today. The charity walk aims to have the maximum number of people joining the fluorescent "snake" that will go through some of the main streets of Puerto Banús on October 3.

The event will take place at sunset so the fluorescent accessories of the participants shine brighter. The Sports and Social Rights delegations of the Marbella Town Hall have been an important part of this original proposal promoted by the company Search 4 Sponsors, whose final aim is to shed light and hope to the everyday problems that the families and children face.

During the presentation, held at El Corte Inglés Costa Marbella, Victoria Morales, Marbella Councillor of  Social Rights,  highlighted the importance of families taking part. "We encourage all citizens to participate in Neon Night Marbella," she said.

On the day of the event, fluorescent neon kits will be distributed along with a T-Shirt on the terrace of El Corte Inglés Costa Marbella (1st floor) from 7.30pm, with the walkj starting at to start the walk at 9pm. The starting and finish points will be located next to the Hard Rock Cafe, to start a 3 kilometers walk. The fun nature of Neon Night Marbella makes it possible for entire families, children and event pets to enjoy the  specially designed route.

The funds raised from the sale of tickets, 10 € per ticket, will go to two associations dedicated to children. One is the CADI association of Marbella, composed of children with functional diversity and special needs (www.asociacioncadi.org/). This platform consists of 137 parents and 41 children, newly established and comes to meet the special therapies needed. CADI’s representative, Angela Sanchez, said the amount collected will go directly to the families of the association.

The second charity is the NGO Plan España whose campaign "Because I am a Girl" seeks to end gender discrimination that affects millions of girls around the world (www.porserninas.org). Beltran Milla from Plan España, explained the importance of such initiatives to raise public awareness. "The female is always the most disadvantaged, so they need our unconditional support," she said.

Tickets are on sale at El Corte Inglés, Puerto Banús, Mijas and Málaga in the sports shoes department