Banus Burgers – Funky Flavours!

Value for Money and Front Line Puerto Banus are two phrases that that you do not often see in the same sentence.

Banus Burgers, a new restaurant that opened at the end of last year, however, does just that, offering competitively priced food in a front line and funky setting.

Banus Burgers is the latest venture from the well-known restauranteur Howard Holland, who brings a lifetime of front of house and kitchen experience to the new project.

Howard was part of a team that saw the need for great food in an unbeatable setting that did not require you to take out a second mortgage.

Finding the location, on the front line of the famous marina and overlooking the yachts, was the first step. The team went to work restyling the venue with a fresh, clean ‘pop art’ look that included vibrant colours and neon signage, as well as a few comfortable sofas for a little impromptu lounging.

As you might expect, the Banus Burgers menu features burgers in almost every combination possible. From a plain and simple, but extremely tasty Classic Banus Burger, through to a Smokey Pulled Pork burger (highly recommended) and even the extravagant Bitcoin Burger (prime wagyu beef and seared Foie Gras) there is something for all tastes.

If you don’t fancy a burger, then there are a range of salads, as well as Smoked BBQ ribs, Spicy sweet and sour chicken wings, as well as vegetarian and vegan options – including the marvellously names ‘incogmeat-o’. For the smaller members of the family there are kids’ options and for the even smaller ones (on four legs) Doggy Dishes!

“The Dog menu is really popular” smiles Howard. “Sometimes we have four or five dogs with their owners in here!”

A special mention must also go to Banus Burgers’ superbly sinful desert menu that includes a towering Knickerbocker Glory. There are also milkshakes and smoothies, as well as classic cocktails.

“Everyone seems to happy with what we are doing,” says Howard “And we are already number one on Trip Advisor. So we are looking forward to a great summer”.

Who can blame him? With great value for money and a superb setting, Banus Burgers is definitely a must do destination in Puerto Banus

Banus Burgers, Front line Puerto Banus. Tel 952 36 85 29

Closed Monday, open from noon


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