Banus to get a bike lane!

Marbella Town Hall seems set on being the most environmentally and pedal power friendly place in Andalucia.

Having rerouted traffic around the Skol Hotel area in Marbella to accomodate a bicycle lane that I’ve yet to see anyone using – plus wiping out a few hundred parking spaces into the bargain, Marbella Town Hall now faces its biggest challenge. A bicycle lane for Puerto Banus!

The plan will remodel the Avda Jose Banus, putting in an 800 metre bicycle lane and also making pedestrian access easier, all at a cost of €400,000.

Planet Marbella has a few reservations about this plan. Apart from the fact that bike riders don’t seem to like using designated lanes (as anyone who has to try and get round a bunch of Lance Armstrong wannabies on the busy stretch between Banus and San Pedro will testify to), the work is bound to cause disruption to a stretch of road that is the unofficial delivery drop off point for Banus‘ bars and restaurants.

And come the madness of summer, when Lamborghinis and Ferraris use the Avda. Julio Iglesias as a drag racing strip, it’s going to be even more interesting. Especially when you add the hordes of fat Middle Eastern kids on their hoverboards and Sedgeways, who are bound to use the cycle lanes as well.

We could be in for a interesting summer…

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