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Beach Blazes “Not Related”

The recent blazes that burnt out Bounty Beach and Playa Padre, were “not related”.

That is the opinion of Maria Gámez, goverment delegate in Malaga, who made the comment during a visit to Antequera yesterday.

Despite the fact that the beach clubs were on the same beach, only a few hundred metres apart and caught fire within eight days of each other, Gámez said that the blazes “were not related,” although quickly added that “it seems that they were  intentional,” remembering that police investigations are still underway.

Gámez also claimed they were “isolated events, although they coincided in time and proximity” and also pointed out that Playa Padre was completely gutted, while Bounty Beach’s blaze severely damaged one part of the chringuito.

Police are working on the theory that the blaze, which took place on Tuesday afternoon, was started intentionally. So far no arrests have been made in either case.

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