Brainless in Banus!

The old adage that people leave their brains at Gatwick when they come to Marbella is still in force, as these photos taken over the weekend prove

Bikini Bimbo…

Online videos of idiots sitting on the sunroofs of their cars as they speed along the main road, have been doing the rounds.

In the most notorious, a bikini clad bimbo who seems to think she is in a rap video. No doubt after a sunset session at a nearby beach club, and perhaps fuelled by sugary drinks or some other substance, the young lady is perched atop the Porsche and captured on two separate videos as it speeds towards Guadalmina, at one point negotiating a roundabout.

A young Russian mother lost her life a few years ago when she tried the same trick in the Caribbean, leaning out of the passenger window while gyrating seductively for the camera. Her head hit a lamppost and she died of her injuries. Porsche bimbo can count herself lucky that she did not slip…

In the second a young man is on top the car, urging it to go faster as it heads inro the Marbella tunnel. As well as this, video also emerged of three people sitting on the back of a convertible as it passes Puerto Banus. “The Three Kings have come early”, ran the caption


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