La Sala to hold Beauty Breakfast on September 24

Breakfast Beauty Briefing

How do we define beauty?  Is modern society ageist? How do we create positive body image?

These and other issues will be on the menu at the Ladies Beauty and Breakfast event, held in the Live Lounge at La Sala Puerto Banus  on Tuesday, September 24.

Exclusively for ladies, photographer and spiritual mentor Melanie Sievernich and celebrity hair and makeup artist Anne-Marie Simak will talk about beauty and what makes it so difficult for women to love themselves. In an open and honest conversation, they will share their experience from behind the photo camera and within the fashion industry.

The event starts at 9.30am with a healthy breakfast  –  a choice between smashed avocado and poached eggs on toast with bacon or smoked salmon, or a fresh Acai bowl topped with mixed berries, bananas, granola and chia seeds, served alongside tea, coffee, water.

At 10.15am, a glass of cava will be served in time for the talk to start where the focus will be on the following five topics:

The ideal of beauty
How retouching images influences self-perception
What is a positive body image
Why ageing is so difficult in today’s society
The importance of being kind to oneself and to others

Organiser Melanie Sievernich explains: “Photography has opened my eyes to how absolutely everyone is fighting an internal battle. Irrespective of one’s story, nobody seems to be free of beauty and body issues; whether one is a yogi or a supermodel or anything in between. There’s a lot of work for us to be done. We must finally learn to love ourselves.”

This event will finish at midday and is priced at 15€.

To reserve your place for this special one-off event, call La Sala Puerto Banus on 952 814 145

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