BREAKING NEWS – Marbella to move to Phase 3 on Monday

Get your motors running and head out on the highway. As long as you stay within the boundaries of Andalucia.

The whole province, including Granada and Malaga, will move to Phase 3 on Monday, it was confirmed today.

Phase 3 allows movement between provinces, which means that yes, you WILL be allowed to go to Tarifa.

Other points include

The timetables for taking walks and exercise no longer apply

Cafés will be able to open at 75% capacity.

You can get served at the bar, provided you keep a two-metre distance with other customers or groups of customers.

Social meetings of up to 20 people.

All retail outlets can open provided that capacity is limited to 50% and social distancing is observed.

Common and recreational areas in shopping malls will be able to reopen, at 40% capacity. Stores located in malls will be able to accept 50% of their usual capacity.


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