BREAKING NEWS – More restrictions announced for Andalucía

The Junta de Andalucía plans to introduce stricter new regulations to combat the spike in coronavirus cases. At a Press conference this afternoon, Junta de Andalucía President Juanma Moreno (pictured) outlined the restrictions that will come into force on Monday January 11 and last until January 21.

The news is bad news for bars and restaurants, as once again they will be forced to close at 6pm , while cafes can stay open until 8pm, but cannot service alcohol after 6pm. Sops can remain open until 8pm, and the curfew has returned to 10pm until 6am

Social gatherings now have a maximum of 6 people, while travel outside of Andalucia is not allowed.

The eight town in the Campo de Gibraltar BREAKING NEWS – Tarifa off limits as Junta cracks down on new outbreaks – remain under lockdown, while La Linea has had further restrictions imposed.

As expected, the hangover from the relaxation of the bar and restaurant restrictions for Christmas and New Year has arrived. For the embattled hospitality industry, 2021 has not started well…

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