BREAKING NEWS. No parks or walks allowed but supermarkets OK for children, says Government

I’m going to use a technical term here.

The Spanish government have just unveiled one of the greatest “What the actual f**k” moments of the lockdown.

To the relief of many millions of parents, plus child psychologists and health professionals that were worried about the effect of keeping youngsters in lockdown, the government announced that they would be allowing children outside from April 27.

The conditions have just been announced. And they would be risable if they were not downright dangerous.

At today’s Press Briefing, government spokesperson María Jesús Montero said that ” minors aged 14 and under can accompany an adult on a trip outside of the house, such as going to the supermarket or the pharmacy.” The idea is that children will be able to leave the home under the same conditions that adults currently can. This means that minors will not, for now, be able to leave the house with adults to go for a walk in the open air”.

She also said that bike riding, skateboarding or skating was not allowed.

So. Let me get this straight. It’s OK to take your children to the supermarket – an enclosed space with hundreds of other people, who may well be infected, and lots of things to touch (and just try getting an excitable four-year-old to put gloves on) – but it’s not OK to take them to a public park in the fresh air and let them run around?

Be warned – supermarkets are about to become the new playgrounds. Can we get a government with Joined Up Thinking?

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