BREAKING NEWS: Spain finally approves State of Alarm

Spain finally approved the State of Alarm decree on Saturday evening.

After a seven-hour meeting with ministers, including vice president and UP leader Pablo Iglesias, who broke quarantine to attend, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced the following measures

All state authorities at the disposal of the government. It will only be possible to circulate on the streets to buy food, go to the hospital or go to work

As of last night people will are confined to their homes except in specific cases. They are:

1. Procurement of food, pharmaceuticals and basic necessities
2. Assistance to health centres.
3. Travel to the place of work for work, professional or business purposes.
4. Return to the place of habitual residence.
5. Assistance and care of the elderly, children, dependants, disabled persons or particularly vulnerable persons
6. Travel to financial institutions
7. Due to severe necesity.
8. Any other activity of a similar nature duly justified.

Similarly, private vehicles will be allowed to drive on public roads to carry out the activities referred to above or to refuel at petrol stations or service stations. In any case, the recommendations and obligations issued by the health authorities must be respected in any journey.

In addition a wide range of public buildings, including libraries as well as bars, restaurants, cafeterias, cinemas and theatres will close.

The State of Alarm will last for 15 days.

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