BREAKING NEWS: Spain not on ‘Green List’ for England holidays

Hopes for quarantine free travel to Spain were dashed this afternoon as Transport Secretary Grant Shapps unveiled the ‘Green List’ of countries and territories people in England can travel to without having to quarantine upon return.

While Portugal and Gibraltar are on the list, Spain, including the Canary Islands as well as Ibiza and Mallorca, are still deemed too hazardous.

At a Downing Street briefing, Shapps said “We want a summer in which we can reunite family and friends, travel to places we love. We want to start looking outward again.”

The full list includes

New Zealand
Falkland Islands
Faroe Islands
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
St Helena, Tristan de Cunha, Ascension Island

However, Shapps also said that geen list countries will be placed on a watch list if there are any concerns, and the government will not hesitate to withdraw their green status. He added that the government’s advice is not to book any holidays that do not include a refund in the event of Covid changes. The list will be reviewed every three weeks from reopening. Travel to green list countries can begin on May 17.

The transport secretary said he “regrets that favourite summer destinations like France, Greece and Spain are not yet included” on the green list.

They will remain on the amber list for now and people returning from there must self-isolate at home for at least five days.


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