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BREAKING NEWS. Spanish Air Traffic Shutdown Tonight!

Travellers have been warned that the Spanish Air Traffic Control service ENAIRE has said it is planning to suspend the use of airspace in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

This dramatic action anticipates the arrival of Father Christmas into Spanish airspace. AENA has also said it plans to ground all aircraft operations at the same time.

Policia Nacional have also enacted their súper asesor (Navidad) de transporte aerotransportado, or sa(N)ta Protocol, ensuring that lights that spell out Feliz Navidad are clear of obstructions, to allow for clear navigation across the country.

Between the hours of midnight and 2 am special provisions are being made to ensure that no aircraft are at risk of colliding with Santa himself

In press statement issued this morning from the North Pole, Father Christmas reminded us to tell you that he knows when you are awake, so won’t visit until you are fast asleep tonight.

I‘ll be getting coal as always, btw… Merry Christmas!!!

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