Bullfighting protests continue

In the latest in a growing number of anti-bullfighting protests Marbella-based animal activist Virginia Ruiz leapt into the Malagueta bullring on Friday to comfort a dying bull.

Ruiz ran between the bullfighter and the stricken animal, despite having insults thrown at her and being spat on by the crowd.

She was eventually led away from the ring and the bull was killed.

Although entrance to the Malaga Bullring was free on Friday, video taken at the event show a sparce crowd at the Malagueta, a sign that bullfighting is no longer popular amongst modern Spaniards.


The Marbella anti-bullfighting group also announced yesterday that it is taking legal action against the bullfighter Morante for his violent conduct against a protester in the Marbella Bullring last Sunday


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