Caminho 2023 – A Singular Gastronomic Journey

Every now and then, a restaurant arrives on the coast that astounds and refreshes even the most jaded palete.

The week at Sollo, chef Diego Gallegos presented Caminho 2023 to the Press – a truly remarkable menu based on river fish and vegetables from his greenhouse, featuring Mediterranean flavours and retaining the influence of its Latin American roots.

The first steps of Caminho 2023 began with a welcome cocktail, “Sollo Skrewdriver” followed by appetisers: Green star, smoked tarpon meringue, seaweed and carp tacos, pickled pike roe tart and barbel macaron .

Caviar is leading ingredient in the starters: a 15-gram tin of Russian-style caviar, almonds and smoked cauliflower; seasonal cold soup, and catfish and white butter sauce.

Outstanding main courses included: tilapia loin in hot ceviche; organic trout, Iberian ham consommé and roasted garlic; and sturgeon, foie gras and tuber cream.

Desserts included mazamorra and chicha morada; seasonal fruit, and honey, yogurt and citrus. And finally, the mignardises, a selection of sweets from the chef’s childhood, served with an infusion of digestive herbs from his aquaponic system.

Thanks to his more than 10 years of research with freshwater fish, Diego Gallegos maintains a commitment to sustainability. The chef prepares his dishes in a unique way, from a raw material of the highest quality, produced using aquaponics, an innovative system that ecologically manages the natural resources of the area. A development that guarantees complete product traceability, from sowing and rearing, to the table.

“What is eaten in Sollo is not eaten in other restaurants. We make the menu from a concept that is not usual in Europe. Our cuisine has no comparison and is the result of a creative process that has to do with my life and my professional career. Caminho 2023 means the consolidation of my study with freshwater fish, so that the diner can experience something extraordinary”.

The Sollo restaurant (Michelin Star, Michelin Guide Green Star and two Repsol Suns) breaks the barrier between kitchen and dining room with a unique team that performs the same functions without distinction. Its objective is to provide excellent customer service so that they can enjoy a unique experience limited to a maximum 14 diners with a maximum capacity. Gallegos is proud the desire to excel and is proud of his team “because they are talented, they are involved in the project and they have the ability to transform the raw material with which we work with me.”


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