Here is my prediction for summer 2022. While Marbella is preparing itself for a record breaking season after two devastating years of lockdown, and
extoling its many virtues as Spain’s leading tourist destination, there is one major drawback.

The traffic.

Driving to my studio today, I passed yet another minor accident on the opposite side of the road that once again had resulted in huge queues. This
came just a few weeks after much of the coast road ground to a halt after a lorry turned on its side Carretera Chaos!

I know that road design isn’t the responsibility of Marbella City Council, but it is not just the lack of a ‘hard shoulder’ that contributes to tailbacks
after an accident.

The stretch of road between San Pedro and Puerto Banus is another traffic blackspot, with queues most afternoon. What is more worrying is that we are
only in May. What is the situation going to be like in August?

This is not just a gripe about traffic, by the way. One of the main reasons that people move to Marbella is the relaxed pace of life and the fact that it
is easy to get around. If you are stuck in traffic every day, then the town may start to lose some of its appeal, especially for those wanting to ‘get away
from it all’.

One Real Estate broker mentioned that several clients had told her that Marbella was ‘busier than they had expected’ – and not in a good way. Could we
see potential investors buying houses elsewhere?

Marbella might think of itself as Europe’s answer to Miami, but unless the City Council and Central Government have a serious conversation about the
traffic situation, the only resemblance to Miami will be the gridlocked traffic!


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