Champagne Socialist?

He might not be to everyone’s taste, but Marbella Mayor Jose Bernal certainly has a taste for the town’s gastronomic scene.
The socialist mayor, who came into power last year, seems only too happy to lend his support to restaurant events in Marbella.
 Already this year he’s been spotted at Dani Garcia’s Bibo restaurant at an event attended by the world’s top chefs, at the opening of The Wine Gallery in Ambrosia Gourmet Market (pictured) and even dressed in white at Nikki Beach’s season opening White Party, famed for its champagne spray events where people spend hundreds of euros on bottles of expensive fizz that they then spray over each other. Not the place you would expect to find a Socialist mayor…
If he keeps this up, Sñr Bernal might consider buying larger suits to handle his expanding waisteline!
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