Club California owner detained over drowning death

The owner of Club California, the “alternative club” where a young woman drowned during the weekend floods, has been detained for questioning by police.

The owner, who runs two other clubs in Marbella, is being held by the authorities while they investigate the 26-year-old’s death on Sunday.

According to Spanish website El Confidencial, the victim was locked in the basement club and unable to escape the rising water.

The owner has denied that young Romanian was working as a hostess without papers.  “She was on the premises, because she was a friend of another of the women who worked there” and that “in here no one is held against her will.”

Early reports indicate that the victim had been working in the club until the early hours. The emergency services reported a call from the young woman at 9.37am  saying that she was trapped in the rapidly flooding basement and couldn’t escape because the doors were locked and the windows had bars. Despite the best efforts of the rescuers, they were unable to force entry in time and found her body floating next to the bar.

It’s not clear why the victim was at the club on Sunday morning, although unconfirmed reports suggest she was staying there while looking for an apartment.

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