Olubunmi Diya, the wife of the pastor who died along with two of their children in a swimming pool at Club La Costa World, has claimed that there was “something wrong” with the pool.

Gabriel Diya his 9-year-old daughter Comfort and Praise Emmanuel who was 16, were found unresponsive at Club La Costa on Christmas Eve.

In a statement – Olubunmi Diya says she believes there was something wrong with the pool.

Olubunmi clarified that the whole family went to the pool together and followed poolside instructions- but that the children were somehow dragged into the middle. She has also stated that the family all knew how to swim.

The resort has responded to her words by saying “Diligent and exhaustive police investigations into this tragedy have confirmed that the pool was working normally.

“There was no malfunction of any kind – and their thoughts are with the family.”

Initial investigations suggested there was nothing wrong with the pool – and it reopened a couple of days later.

Post mortem tests have show that all three died by drowning, but exactly how still remains a mystery.