Community President in Drug Bust!

Police made a major drug bust this week when they raided a luxury urbanisation in Nueva Andalucia and discovered a marijuana growing operation run by by the community president!

In the operation, named “President 2016”  1,225 marijuana plants were discovered in three clandestine laboratories in Aloha Lake Village, along with seven handguns.

The community President, a 50-year-old woman from La Linea, was already known to the police, She aroused suspicion when both she and her husband were spotted driving luxury cars and enjoying a lifestyle that was not consistent with their apparent income. The couple and their son were living in a villa where rents are over €2000 per month.

One of the Aloha Lake Villa plantations was accessed via a hidden door behind a wardrobe. Its inhabitants, an Iranian citizen and his partner, were also arrested.

Police arrested a total of seven people and impounded 16 vehicles. They also discovered that all three marijuana plantations had been operating illegally off the electricity supply that had been installed when the development was being constructed. All are now accused of criminal organization, drug trafficking and electricity fraud.



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