Spain started a gradual relaxation of the lockdown laws today. A noticable rise in traffic on the roads around Marbella this morning confirmed that certain sectors, such as construction, were back at work.

Face masks were handed out by the authorities at several locations, part of the 5,512,538 face masks that were delivered to the regional health authorities, giving a total number of face masks delivered as 8.7 million

. To date, the Regional Government of Madrid has received the most face masks, with 9,528,899 units (24.5% of the total), followed by Catalonia, with 7,334,699 units (18.9%) and Andalusia, with 3,567,953 units (9.2% of the total).

In terms of other protective material, the government has distributed 22.9 million pairs of nitrile gloves, 287,000 gowns, 269,000 protective suits, 163,000 protective goggles, more than half a million aprons, hats and footwear covers, and more than 202,000 units of sanitising liquid.

In today’s Press briefing, authorities reported on 517 deaths in the past 24 hours, with only a 2% increase in admissions.