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Coronavirus – 440 fatalities as lockdown extended again

The lockdown goes on. The Congress of Deputies has confirmed the extension to the state of emergency, which will remain in force until the May 10

Pedro Sánchez stressed that this is the third time he is calling for such an extension from the Lower House of Parliament but the first time it is being proposed with a “cautiously optimistic” future scenario in sight.

The Prime Minister commented that the discipline shown by the public during the lockdown has enabled the critical period for spreading the virus to be overcome. As a result, it is now possible to design the next scenario – one of de-escalation – but the seriousness of the situation demands caution and gradual, safe action.

Pedro Sánchez explained that, over the coming weeks,the rules and limitations will be gradually adjusted to suit the circumstances while maintaining the premise of protecting the public and the healthcare system. “The de-escalation will be slow and gradual, precisely because it must be safe”.

In the daily Press Briefing, the figure for fatalities rose by five in the past 24-hour-period, to 440. The total number of infections now stands at 213, 000 with 22,157 deaths and 89,000 recoveries.

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