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Coronavirus catchup – Confidence in government falls, more homeworking and arrested for fake mask exemption documents

A new study has shown a drop in support for Government pandemic policies.

The latest CIS survey shows a deterioration in trust compared to earlier on in the pandemic, when survey results in April and May showed a majority of people had confidence in the coalitions approach.

Six out of ten Spaniards say they have “little or no confidence” in government policies. The study did show, however, that a strong majority – 72% – were in favour of regional and national governments working together to tackle the pandemic.

One of the results of the pandemic has been the number of people homeworking. Date from the INE has revealed more than three million people are now working from home, almost tripling the number the same time from last year,.

The report from the National Statistics Agency shows the number of home workers has risen from 915,000 in 2019 to 3.01 million this year, mainly as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Those aged 25 to 45 were the highest number working from home, closely followed by those aged over 45. In total 16.2% of the national workforce are now working from home, compared to 4.8% last year.

Meanwhile the issue of masks has come into focus again. Policia Local in Gran Canaria have said they will be prosecuting a woman who used false medical certificates to explain why she wasn’t wearing a face mask.

Officers approached the woman after drone footage spotted she was not wearing a mask whilst out in public. She placed a mask on her daughter when police approached, but stated she had a respiratory illness meaning she could not wear a protective face covering, and offered a medical certificate for inspection.

Upon investigation of the document, the officers on duty noticed irregularities, and found it to be forged. The woman now faces a fine for not wearing a mask in public, and up to three years in prison for using a forged medical certificate.

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Unsplash

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