Coronavirus causes huge unemployment rise in Marbella

Empty beaches and closed boutiques, restaurants and bars. Coronavirus is not just a medical disaster. Marbella is suffering with its tourist industry shut down and with most other economic activity paralysed.

Since the lockdown began the town has witnessed the greatest loss of employment since 2003. More than 5,000 jobs have been lost as a result of the measures to stop the expansion of COVID-19, while the number of self-employed has fallen by more than 200.

The latest figures, released today from the Ministry of Social Security, reports that 61,398 contributions were registered, which represents a decrease of 5,312 compared to February or 7.96% less.

This is the largest month-on-month drop since 2003, surpassing even those that usually occur in the month of October, with the end of the summer season.

With the lockdown looking likely to continue into May, 2020 seems certainbe the worst year for employment since records began.

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