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Coronavirus – Details confirmed for children’s exercise

The kids are almost alright. More than 8.3 million children under the age of 18 have spent the past six weeks of the lockdown in their homes.

But they are finally to be allowed out. Health Minister Salvador Illa and Vice President Pablo Iglesias today outlined the conditions, which will come into effect this Sunday, April 26.

The main points are that between 9am – 9pm children under 14 will be allowed an hour of exercise a day, within a kilometre of their homes, under the supervision of an adult. Up to three children are allowed out with an adult and they are also allowed to run and play with toys, including scooters and balls, but cannot use the play areas in local parks. Masks are recommended but not compulsory and the main health measures – hand washing and physical distance – must be respected. Children with a fever or symptoms compatible with Covid-19 will not be allowed out.

Pablo Iglesias began his speech by apologising to Spain’s children and thanking them for their patience “I know that confinement has not been easy for you, that you have had to stay at home playing. You have had a very important role in the fight against the coronavirus so that we can return to society, and all of society owes you a huge round of applause,” Iglesias said.

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