Coronavirus – fatalities fall again through Spain but Malaga sees increase.

The death toll has fallen again. In the latest figures released by the Health Ministry on Saturday, the number stood at 510.

This is the lowest number since the 462 fatalities of March 23, and appears to confirm a downward trend following the April 2 peak of 950 fatalities.

In Malaga, however, the number rose with 16 deaths reported up from seven on Friday. The trend is still downwards, with a decrease in those admited to intensive care units, down to 16 from 53 the previous day.

Spanish health minister Salvador Illa comented, “We are seeing the fruits of this impressive collective effort by Spanish society,” in refence to the lockdown.

“We are very aware of the efforts that are being required from children, but the government is acting with maximum caution,” he said about the effect of the lockdown measures on childrem, “There’s nothing we would like more than to introduce more permissive measures,” he added.

The health minister also explained that the three “key” measures to prevent new infections were interpersonal distancing, handwashing, and hygiene in public and private spaces.

Meanwhile, the Civil Guard dispelled rumours on social media that large numbers of Madrid residents had tried to escape the capital for the Easter holidays.

“We want to inform you that we categorically refute the information that is appearing on certain social media profiles denouncing the mass arrival of visitors and tourists to areas such as Zahara de los Atunes, El Palmar, or La Barrosa,” said a spokesperson from the Civil Guard in Cádiz.

“People want to believe something that is not real,” added the mayor of Tarifa, Francisco Ruiz. “We have been putting tactical checkpoints in place and I am told there is nothing out of the ordinary,” he added. “There is no movement.”

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