Coronavirus – Malaga province drops to level 1

Malaga Province today relaxed its coronavirus restrictions to level 1

Malaga is the only Andalusian province with all health districts at alert level 1 for Covid-19, including the Costa del Sol and Marbella.

It is the lowest level for the Marbella since these indicators began to be used. Previously, had been at level 2 shortly before Christmas, when the cumulative incidence fell to 90 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Today, although the rate is three times higher (130.1 infections), the alert is at level 1. That of the health district is 120.2.

Marbella peaked at the end of February, when it was at level 4 degrees 2, which included perimeter closure and cessation of non-essential activity. Then it reached 1,285 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

In recent weeks, the municipality has registered rates between 120 and 135 cases

Alert level 1 restrictions on the Costa del Sol:

  • Wakes and funerals: 20 people indoors, 50 outdoors
  • Religious and civil ceremonies: 75% capacity.
  • Celebrations: 300 people indoors, 500 outdoors, maximum 75% of the capacity. Dancing only permitted outdoors. Close at 2:00
  • Hotels and restaurants: 75% of the indoor capacity (8 per table). 100% on terraces (10 per table). Closing 24:00
  • Sporting events: 1,500 people indoors, 2,500 outdoors.
  • Commercial establishments: 100% capacity.
  • Cinemas, theatres and auditoriums: 85% capacity with a separate location. Groups of 6 people.
  • Public transport: 100% of seats, 75% of standing places.
  • Markets: 100% capacity.
  • Attractions: 75% of capacity with seats, 2/3 of capacity without seats.
  • Verbenas and pilgrimages: not recommended.
  • Children’s entertainment: 50% capacity indoors and 60% outdoors with groups of 20 children.
  • Playgrounds: one person for every 4 m2. Groups of 25 people.
  • Tourism: 100% capacity in outdoor common areas of hotels and 75% indoors.
  • Teaching: face-to-face. Flexibility measures in FP and Special Education. 85% capacity in academies with up to 25 people per classroom.

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