Coronavirus – Marbella edges into the Red Zone

An uptick in coronavirus cases on Friday pushed Marbella into the ‘extreme risk’ level in the new Covid-19 traffic light that the Ministry of Health has agreed with the autonomous communities

The ‘Covid traffic light’ defines extreme risk as 250 infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the previous 14 days.

On Friday Marbella exceeded that figure by reaching 251.8 positives per 100,000. On October 9 the municipality had 141 cases which would have placed it at medium risk. After the national holiday ‘puente’ on October 13, a further 160 infections were reported.

With the new indicator, Marbella, Antequera (375.9) and Campillos (521.1) are the only three municipalities in the province of Malaga with more than 5,000 inhabitants that are in the ‘Red Zone’. Malaga capital has a cumulative incidence of 165 cases. On the Costa del Sol, after Marbella, the highest rate is Benalmádena (167.3).

The Malaga municupality with the highest incidence is Cuevas de San Marcos, which has 2,713 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, with 212 positives since the start of the pandemic and a population of 3,648 people.

The new traffic light marks five levels of risk: new normal (less than 25 cases), low risk (between 25 and 50), medium risk (between 50 and 150), high risk (150 to 250) and extreme risk (more than 250).

Despite the situation in Marbella, the Councilor for Citizen Security, José Eduardo Díaz, was not worried by the latest figures from the Junta

“The measures we have put in place to prevent the increase in infections are working,” he said in a statement.

Photo by Ulvi Safari on Unsplash

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