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Coronavirus – Towards a “New Normality”

Spanish Prime minister Pedro Sánchez announced plans and a proposed timetable for the de-escalation of the quarantine measures across the country on Tuesday evening.

The timetable will have four phases. The first phase, which starts on May 4 will see the reopening of small business including restaurants that can offer take away food, as well as establishments that can take bookings, such as hairdressers. Shops that can offer a “call and collect” service will also be able to open.

The second phase is scheduled to start on May 11 and will allow people to travel to see friends and family at their homes in the same province. In Marbella’s case that means within Malaga – so no trips to Sotogrande as that is in Cadiz province. In addition bars and restaurants will be able to open their terraces, but only to 30% of their capacity, while hotels will be allowed to open but will be unable to use their common areas.

If all goes to plan the next phase is due on May 25 and will allow restaurants to open their interiors, again to 30%. Cinemas and theatres will also open – with a third of their capacity open, while cultural events for up to 50 seated inside and 400 seated in the open air will also be allowed.

The government plans to reveal the rules for this Saturday, when adults will be allowed to exercise and walk outside, at a Press briefing at 6pm today. Andalucía has proposed that the elderly and people with disabilities would be able to go out from 9am – 2pm and children from 4pm – 9pm. The government has also announced plans for seniors to be allocated special times to go to shops, once they reopen

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