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Covid chaos at La Cañada

Marbella’s best known shopping centre, Centro Comercial La Cañada, is facing an avalanche of criticism on Social Media after a chaotic crush at a Three Kings event saw thousands attend.

Kiko Rivera, DJ, TV star and son of singer Isabel Pantoja, Omar Montes, singer and reality TV star, actor Luis Rollan and reality TV star Fani Carbajo were the celebrities at the event, which was oganised by Platea Galia Producciones and shown live on national television channel Telecinco.

Fani Carbajo, Luis Rollan, Kiko Rivera and Omar Montes at yesterday’s event

Thousands of fans turned up to the event on Saturday, in contravention of COVID-19 social distancing restrictions. Social Media showed pictures of people, many carrying children, crowding around the Three Kings with the few security guards unable to enforce distancing.

Both Local and Nacional Police eventually arrived to close down the event, although many eyewitnesses reported that most of the crowd had dispersed.

In the face of widespread anger, the management put out a statement on Saturday evening, saying that the event had clearly been advertised as “sin publico” (see below) and that the actions of the fans had forced the shut down. La Cañada also thanked the police for their prompt intervention.

Many are sceptical of La Cañada’s claims, however. If the event really was meant to be without crowds, why hold it in the centre of the Commercial Centre, next to the main cafe area, rather than a more private space? At best it was naive, at worst weapons grade stupidity. Not suprisingly, both the promotor and La Cañada now face the possibility of large fines.

As Spain faces the real possibility of further lockdowns, the images of people crowding around the Three Kings that were broadcast live around Spain will do Marbella no favours at all.

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