Damas, dramas and desolate backdrops – Marbella gets ready for the Feria

Marbella’s Feria de San Bernabe is due to make a welcome return next month following a two year absence due to the pandemic

This year’s Feria is scheduled to take place between June 5- 11, and last night mayor  Ángeles Muñoz was on hand as the ‘Queens of the Feria’, Noelia Bermúdez Fernández and Khaira Lobato Peña, were crowned as young person and child queen respectively.

Diego López, accompanied by the coordinator of the Fiestas delegation, Yolanda Marín, at the site

Marbella City Council also unveiled the new location of the night feria, which this year will take place on a stretch of waste ground just south of La Cañada. The 38,000 sqm plot was visited by Councilor for Works, Diego López, accompanied by the coordinator of the Fiestas delegation, Yolanda Marín, who both surveyed the considerable ammount of work that will have to be done.

The site of the night feria

“This is land that was practically abandoned”, pointed out López , who emphasised that “in addition to recovering a natural space, we will be able to have an area much closer to twon to the previous one, which will allow visitors can get around on foot. On the plot, located in the vicinity of Arroyo Segundo and south of the AP-7, the delegations of Works, Urban Solid Waste, Parks and Gardens and Festivals are working together to remove more than 300,000 kilos of rubble,and replace it earth and gravel

He was also scathing of the PSOE objections to the suitabilty of the site “We are not surprised by the attitude of the Socialists because they constantly file complaints with the Prosecutor’s Office that are filed away because they have no basis.” In this case, he has stressed that “We will give whoever asks us for all the reports and parts of the removal of the rubble and the delivery to the treatment plants, which is what the PSOE should have asked us for before defame”.

“If it were up to them, there would be no feria!”

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