DeClutter Queen!

Want to lighten your lifestyle, energise your environment, put a little pizzazz in your place and highlight the wow in your wardrobe?

DeClutter Queen, launched last month on the coast, is a brilliant new personalised service that helps you slim down your surroundings, reimagine and revitalise your rooms and kick out the clutter!

DeClutter Queen is the brainchild of Samanta Espinosa. With a CV that includes dealing with the “unconventional demands” of the international film, television and creative industries, as well as executive hospitality and concierge companies, Samanta brings a unique insight into the unconscious effect that the home environment has on our day-to-day lives.

“You need to have a way to organise things. It is not easy to do on your own but when you have help, it becomes a fun job. Hard work but fun!”

“We all know that it is very easy to clutter”, Samanta explains “We buy stuff, we are given stuff, and things just accumulate in the house.

But as this accumulation builds up, it can also start to clutter your brain, add unwanted stress and literally weigh you down”.

While there are thousands of ‘how to’ videos, articles and social media posts, the actual process of decluttering your house, or just a single room, can be daunting.

“Starting out it can be difficult for someone to get into the right headspace”, Samanta explains. “It can be extremely overwhelming, because there are lots of memories attached to items.

“It takes a mentality, and it is not that you can’t learn how to do it, but you need somebody to help you start. And that is what I am here for!”

“If you can’t do it all on your own, I am here to help – everything from carrying the furniture and rearranging it, as well as new ideas on how to best use the space. I can help you organise it and help you understand how you can best use it. You need to optimise every room in the house, and it helps to have a second set of eyes to look at things.

“You need to have a way to organise things. It is not easy to do on your own but when you have help, it becomes a fun job. Hard work but fun!

As well as decluttering, Samanta is able to advise and source professional services such as carpenters, painters and builders. “When we have discussed your needs we can set about transforming the living space, so that you can really enjoy your house again.

“It is an amazing feeling once you do this clear out because it clears your mind as well, but then you repurpose your rooms and your life evolves. Get your home to evolve with you!”

Multi-lingual, Samanta can advise about selling on unwanted furniture, redecorating or repurposing items, or charity shops that will gladly receive your items.

DeClutter Queen’s services don’t just stop at your home – Samanta is also able to offer advice on your wardrobe “Fashion changes. That isn’t to say that you can’t keep some items that are sentimental or fabulous pieces for those one or two occasions that you go to that they are perfect for. There are, however, an awful lot of items that are either worn out, shabby, too small, too big and just have to go. Once you have done that you have wardrobe that is both completely you and completely useful.

“I can show you how to combine your wardrobe in different ways so that you get a different feel from your clothes, and also buy a couple of pieces to coordinate it better. Our skin tones change, our body shapes change and so your wardrobe has to evolve with you. It can be as simple as adding accessories, a belt, shortening or lengthening a piece. There are ways to revilatise without spending a fortune.

Finally, DeClutter Queen can advise on preparing your house before renting or selling it. If you are considering selling or renting your home,” Samanta explains “don’t fall into the trap that you home is perfect and wonderful and that you don’t understand how people are not clamouring to buy it.

It isn’t that it isn’t wonderful, but it may be too personal. If it has too much of your taste and too much of a personality, you are going to find it difficult unless you find some who adores your taste and personality. That generally doesn’t happen. You need to neutralise your house so that people walk in and think “Wow. I could live here”

From conducting a property purge, creating a harmonious home, preparing for selling or renting, or just channelling your inner wardrobe warrior, Clutter Queen is all about pointing out the peripherals, suggesting alternatives and providing a different perspective.

You don’t have to set an interior designer or spend a fortune on buying a new wardrobe“, says Samanta “ You just have to look at it from a different angle. The mentality changes when you realise that actually you don’t need that much stuff. It is all about motivations and techniques and once you get into it, you will find that people who were “Oh no! I can’t”, are now “Hell yeah! Throw it away; give it to charity. I don’t care, get it out!” she laughs.


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