Devotion, passion and spectacle. Marbella celebrates Holy Week

The first of the Semana Santa processions takes place in Marbella tonight, marking the start of a week of intense devotion, passion and spectacle.

Photo. Carlos Benitez

This is the week where Marbella proves that it is so much more than just a brain dead tourist resort or location for a series of identikit luxury developments that are the same the world over from Dubai to Bali.

Tradition, reverence and community – not concepts that you automatically associate with Marbella – are very much to the fore as the town takes a pause to reflect on the dramatic events of Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection.

For those of a less secular persuasion, be advised. The centre of Marbella will close to traffic for much of the week, as will streets in San Pedro Alcantara, La Campana and Las Chapas at certain times.

If you have yet to witness an Easter parade in Spain, take the opportunity to do so, as Marbella’s processions, although spectacular; are free of the crowds that flock to Malaga and Seville. Standing in the silent crowds on Friday evening, the most powerful and sombre of the processions, is an experience that underlines the real Marbella.

You can find the full calendar of events here


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