Did workshop spark start devastating fire?

The investigation has begun into the huge blaze that gutted part of Marbella’s fishing port last night

On a visit to the site last night, Marbella mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, commented that the fire might have been caused by a single spark in the workshop area.

The Police and the Fire Department of Marbella were alerted on Wednesday around 7:30 p.m. of a huge fire in the port of La Bajadilla, where pleasure boats, yachts and jet skis are stored. The main storage area was completely engulfed until it collapsed with around 80 boats inside.

The twister wreckage of the warehouse this morning. Photo, Dietmar Forster

Thirty firefighters tackled the blaze that spread at high speed due to stored materials and fuel containers inside the warehouse. Around nine o’clock at night the fire was controlled and, at dawn, it was considered extinguished.

Muñoz commented that “although the fire has been very virulent, especially the presence of materials such as plastic or fuel, thanks to the rapid action of the firefighters it has been possible to surround and isolate it in the installation itself”.

Marbella Fire Chief, Medardo Tudela, explained that the fire originated in the southern area of ​​the warehouse and has caused the structure of the building to collapse, with the fall of different panels from the façade. “We have carried out a forceful attack with all available vehicles,” he said.

During the extinguishing work, one firefighter was slightly injured, and was treated ‘in situ’ by the health services.


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