Does my EU Referendum vote need a stamp?

There’s been more than a little confusion amongst expats about whether or not postal votes for the upcoming EU Referendum need stamps to be posted back to the UK.

Some expats have been voicing their concerns online, claiming that Spanish Post Offices have sacks of postal votes that will not be returned to the UK due to not having a vaild stamp.

In a recent media statement, the UK Electorial Commission has cleared the issue up.


It reads

“Postal votes being returned by overseas voters for the EU Referendum use the International Business Reply Service (IBRS). This service is commonly used for international mail and does not require any additional postage to be affixed. We are aware that a very small number of voters may have been incorrectly informed that the postal service in a handful of locations in Europe cannot accept IBRS items.
Royal Mail has confirmed that IBRS is accepted across all international posts. It is working closely with postal operators to ensure acceptance of postal votes. Voters are advised that once a ballot is in the postal system (i.e. if it has been posted into a post box) it will be processed.
Overseas voters should not delay in returning their ballot pack to the UK in order for it to arrive by close of polls at 10pm, 23 June.”

My advice would be to put a stamp on your postal vote (around €1.55) just to make sure!

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